The University of Shimane

The University of Shimane is a public university with three campuses, the largest of which is in the seaside city of Hamada.

Conference Services:

  • WiFi will be available for all attendees throughout the campus.
  • Lunch – Catered lunches on Monday and Tuesday are included in the conference registration and will be served on campus. Lunch on Wednesday will provide a chance to see Japan’s renowned school lunch and cleaning session at the local elementary school.
  • Complimentary tea and coffee will be available during breaks between sessions.
  • Vending Machines – There are vending machines available throughout the campus. Conference attendees are welcome to purchase from these machines.
  • University Shop – There is a small convenience store off the cafeteria. Please be advised that it may become crowded during peak hours.


A rural, mountainous region populated with coastal villages, Hamada has some of the best beaches in western Japan. Remote and traditional, yet less than two hours from Hiroshima, the town is also a hub for Iwami Kagura, a vibrant theatrical folk dance rooted in the Shinto religion. At night, the glimmer of local squid fishing boats light up the sky.

For information on experiences and sightseeing around Hamada, check out the Iwami Travel Guide, a comprehensive university student-sourced travel guide concerning all things possible in western Shimane.


Kagura is a traditional dance accompanied by ancient music, and from the minute you arrive in Hamada it seems that the town is “kagura crazy” — signs of this unique, colorful and dynamic folk entertainment are everywhere.

With roots in the Shinto religion, Iwami Kagura is very much a living tradition. The dancers portray the demons, deities, and heroes found in Japan’s many myths and legends and the dance rituals are linked to the rhythms of the agricultural calendar.

**A private kagura performance is included in the cost of the conference registration.

From the Japan National Tourism Organization

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