Bridging Cultures and Preparing Students for Multicultural Success

Global Partners in Education (GPE) is an East Carolina University led membership organization of Higher Education Institutions that are committed to providing their students opportunities for meaningful and impactful international education experiences through Global Virtual Exchange (GVE). Our goal is to prepare our students to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world by providing greater access to experiences that help them improve the intercultural communication and collaboration skills necessary to effectively navigate culturally diverse environments.

About GPE

Our programming helps students better understand both themselves and their place in the world as well as how to understand, respect and effectively collaborate with individuals from diverse cultures. Through real time interactions with partner students from multiple countries, students develop intercultural communication skills, learn to value others’ perspectives and acquire strategies for effectively working together to complete projects.

  • 2016 NAFSA Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award
  • 2014 QS Reimagine Education Award
  • 2008 IIE Andrew Heiskell Award

Our Network

Global Partners in Education is forward looking and innovative as it builds a global community that promotes intercultural skill building. GPE member institutions around the world are committed to using Global Virtual Exchange to give their students meaningful global experiences so they can thrive in today's interconnected world. All partners commit to offering at least one GPE course per year, but most do more.

  • 49 Partners Institutions
  • 31 Countries
  • More than 27,000 students have participated in GPE programming over the last 15 years of programming.

News & Events

What's Happening This Week

Week Of 22-Apr

  • Global Understanding
  • Global BEEHIVE
  • Other Activity
  • WorldWise
  • ESAN University - State University of Applied Studies - Przemyśl


  • State University of Applied Sciences in Krosno - Shaanxi Normal University

     Global Education

  • East Carolina University - Ma Chung University


  • Ecole National Polytechnique, Algier - State University of Applied Sciences in Krosno


  • Fatima Jinnah Woman University - University American College Skopje


  • Modern University of Business and Science - University Aboubekr Belkaid Tlemcen


  • ESAN University - La Salle University

     Global Business

  • Hochschule Heilbronn-Swabisch Hall - State University of Applied Sciences in Krosno


  • Universite Ahmed Draia-Adrar - Universidad Continental


  • Hubei Polytechnic University - Universidad Piloto de Colombia


  • State University of Applied Sciences in Krosno - Universidad Continental


  • Fu Jen Catholic University - University of Shimane


  • China University of Political Science and Law - Universidad Latina de America


  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vankif University - La Salle University


  • State University of Applied Sciences in Krosno - Ma Chung University


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