16th Annual Global Partners in Education Call for Papers

Intercultural Communication: Preparing Students for an Interconnected World

SUBMISSIONS DUE BY: March 31, 2023

GPE’s primary goal is to prepare students to succeed in an interconnected world by providing them access to experiences that help them improve the intercultural communication and collaboration skills necessary to effectively navigate culturally diverse environments. While providing access to experiences is essential to build these skills, it may not be sufficient to maximize student outcomes in these areas. What strategies can instructors use to help students build these skills? How do we know that students are indeed improving in these areas? How will those skills help students prepare for their futures? This year’s conference theme explores how we can be more deliberate in the development of intercultural communication skills through our programs.

Faculty, staff and students from GPE partner institutions are invited to submit a paper and/or poster proposal on two broad themes:

Intercultural Communication: Preparing Students for an Interconnected World

  • Best practices and strategies for helping students develop intercultural communication skills.
  • The connection between intercultural communication and overall student success.
  • Research on Intercultural Communication and its impact on student preparation.
  • Approaches to and assessment of Intercultural Communication.

Best Practices and Research on GPE Programming, Global Education Initiatives and Virtual Exchange

  • Best practices within Global Understanding or Global BEEHIVE courses or other global or virtual exchange activities on your campus.
  • Case studies for how GPE programming is integrated into your curriculum/offered at your institution.
  • Innovative programing for global education or virtual exchange.
  • The innovative use of technology to enhance global education or virtual exchange.
  • Student outcomes and other original research findings on the impact of GPE programming, global education, or virtual exchange.

At least one author must attend GPE XVI in person to present. Presentations will be allotted up to 15 minutes with additional time for Q&A. Due to time constraints, some who submit presentation proposals may be asked to do a poster instead. For those doing a poster, a template will be provided.

Please email gpeinfo@ecu.edu with any questions.

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